Using the latest in high tech CCTV and security systems, we ensure every eventuality is covered, and implement customized projects for your needs.

CCTV Installation Services

Residential Security Solutions

Indoor and Outdoor Home Security Solutions

When it comes to protecting the life you’ve built for your family, you go forth without compromise. Trust Leon Tech Group to provide that critical layer of your home security with industry leading HD and wireless security cameras. Our home security solutions offer unrivalled video performance – day and night.

Backyard and Street
Use a wide-angle security camera to monitor your backyard or street in front of your house.

Cover any doorways or first-floor windows which an intruder could gain access to your home.

An unprotected garage can provide criminals with easy theft and entry to your home.

Commercial Security Solutions

Security for your building. Security for your business

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that video cameras are an important component of an effective building security system. But many people don’t know that all cameras aren’t created equal. Or that network video solutions from Leon Tech Group and our partners can not only protect people and property, but also save you money and protect your profits.

  • Sharper images regardless of conditions
  • Intelligent analytics, alerts and integration
  • Solutions that grow with you
  • Cost effective access control
  • Optimized energy use

Industrial Security Solutions

Improving security

Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable raw material and goods that are attractive to thieves. Therefore it is important to have an efficient surveillance system to protect your property and assets. Several industries have chosen Leon Tech Group network video solutions, and benefit from capabilities such as:

  • Automatic alerts when someone enters the perimeter or a restricted area
  • Night-vision and thermal images
  • HDTV-quality video images with exceptional level of detail
  • Real-time access to live and recorded images
  • Easy-to-install, outdoor-ready cameras

Hotels Security Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions for the Hospitality & Leisure industry

As a hotelier, you’re responsible for the safety of your guests and staff. However, you need to strike a balance between giving guests peace of mind and their privacy. With Leon Tech Group security solutions can offer you:

  • Safeguard guests and staff
  • Operate discreetly
  • Help improve hotel operations and staff management.

Bars & Restaurants Security Solutions

Gain peace of mind in knowing your B&B, pub, club, or restaurant is completely safe.

Restaurants can literally be a “hot spot” for crime. Thieves can rob your fast-food restaurant, especially late at night when you have minimal staff on hand. Customers can walk out the door of your fine dining establishment without paying the bill, or stealing the tableware. This can all be stopped if chef-owners could see the value of a discreet security camera system in their restaurant.

Using latest technologies in network video, Leon Tech Group can offer you the most advanced security and safety benefits for your restaurant.
As a result, you can:

  • Safeguard guests and staff
  • Operate discreetly
  • Improve payment safety.

Retail Security Solutions

Bespoke retail video surveillance solutions

Shoplifting and false liability claims add unnecessary costs to your bottom line. Keep retail shoppers safe and reduce vandalism. Control access to and monitor hallways, retail space and parking lots with Leon Tech Group’s security solutions.

  • Prevent losses from shoplifting, theft and cashier fraud
  • Gain a faster return on investment thanks to reduced losses and increased efficiency
  • Improve store layouts, staff planning and result of in-store advertising
  • Easily integrate network video with your existing systems, such as POS and EAS and access control
  • Improve your bottom line and increase topline sales
  • Efficient access control and visitor identification.


Prevention of crime

Even a simple CCTV camera can work to discourage criminals very quickly. With backup to storage archives as well as ongoing recording for footage, these installations can work under automatic control to prevent crime. Most burglars, vandals and other criminals are discouraged of completing their crime as soon as they see the camera and this technology works to prevent theft, vandalism and unsavory activity on your premises.

Savings on insurance

Many insurance agencies will provide you with a savings on your premiums after installing these security solutions. As your business or home is declared safer with the help of CCTV, it is possible for you to save money as a result of these services.

Control from anywhere

CCTV systems that we have to install can provide remote access from your smart phone as well as secure access anywhere in the world. With the help of this technology you could monitor your properties and prevent crime with simple monitoring across the world.


Hikvision IP CCTV System with 4 Channel NVR and 2 x 4.0MP Vandal Dome Cameras
From £344.99

Hikvision IP CCTV System with 4 Channel NVR and 2 x 4.0MP Mini Bullet Cameras
From £344.99

Hikvision IP CCTV System with 4 Channel NVR and 4 x 4.0MP Vandal Dome Cameras
From £700


Hikvision IP CCTV System with 8 Channel NVR and 6 x 4.0MP Vandal Dome Cameras
From £1200

Free 22 inch monitor with this kit!

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